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Message from Wayne Dutschke

Back in 2013, I was inducted into the Barons of Barossa, a fraternity which was founded in 1975 by a number of Barossa wine industry personalities including Colin Gramp, Sir Condor Laucke, Peter Lehmann and Cyril Henschke. The Barons Grand Council selects members because of the contributions these individuals make toward enhancing the many aspects of the Barossa Community.

Recently, the Barons completed building “The Barossa Cellar” which will be home to around 2000 dozen bottles of fine wine all generously donated by wineries from the Barossa and Eden Valleys. Along with the building was the planting of a Shiraz vineyard, with cuttings donated by 35 different iconic vineyards, the oldest dating back to 1843. For those of you passionate about the Barossa, there is a great opportunity to own a piece of it by purchasing one of these vines in this small vineyard planting. Learn more about the donation here

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