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AGM Message

Good Morning All,

Great Presidents’ lunch, we discussed the committee nominees for 2018, was all agreed as suggested by

the committee and Life Members present.

Here are the suggestions.

President Jeremy Doyle

Vice Phil Pullinger

Food Master Peter Banks

Wine Master Bill Groves

Secretary Ian Harrison

Treasurer Hugh Watkins

Fines Master Ben Morton

Two nominees are required for committee roles for a two-year period, ideal for being in training for a Food

or Wine Master position in supporting roles with current positions to learn and understand club policy.

Hoping you all agree with the suggestions being put forward, anyone wishing to nominate, happy to

receive your nomination, please call me to discuss or send me an email.

We think we can use this as our suggested committee for AGM, knowing the skills and commitment going

forward with this solid group, of course we are happy to ask members for nominations. If you wish to

nominate, please send your email nomination back to me for consideration asap.

What we have achieved in the last period that I have presided with the support of our fantastic committee.

Life Member Updates


Simplified process to achieve good lunch outcomes, SMS, Website RSVP and Email

Policy Update

New Members

New Wines and Venues

Ladies Night Extravaganza/gifts.

Enjoyed the role and I wish the new committee all the very best in the following two years.


Peter Dohnt


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