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New Policy!


A Reminder

For the reasons outlined at the last lunch it has become necessary to implement a new policy for RSVP’s and pre-payment of lunches.

The new policy:

  1. RSVP and payment of $100 required not less than 7 days before the event.

  2. For any late responses and/or payments the cost will be $120

Why the new policy:

  1. To negate the ongoing guessing game as to how many attendees there will be at a lunch

  2. Restaurants and winemakers requiring to know well in advance and with some certainty the numbers to be catered for

  3. To avoid the continual necessity for the Treasurer to chase up late payments

  4. To prevent the situation where the Club has had to pay for no shows

All that your Committee asks is for your co-operation with your early commitment and payment.

As always if you feel the need to discuss this please refer to myself or any of the Committee; we are more than happy to discuss.

The President

In vino veritas.

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