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Mid Year Presidents Report

Hello All Members,

Well we are half way through 2017 and have experienced some good company food and wine , hope you all using the webpage. Appears about 60% of you are and that’s great. Just rsvp online and direct debit to the account as listed on the rsvp page, that makes it easy for the committee members managing the lunches and payment’s, thanks for your cooperation.

The objectives to ensure we keep the records going back in time and forward up to date are safe, no one else other than club member’s access the site, if you have any changes to your profile just email with your information.

Some interesting facts from research estimates going back over the 42 years since the club was founded in 1975. The founding four members were Ian Puttick, Graham Hatten, Bert Zietlen and Ian Bushell. The logo was designed by Paul Rigby and the story is in the website.

*We have had 504 wine club events *17,604 people have attended the lunches.*the cost of the events is $1,408,320.00*we have consumed 26,460 bottles of wine.

The club continues to maintain its fifty member’s maximum membership limit and I’m sure that is not going to change too much. Wines and lunches have been very good with a spread of new and old venues on the list. Phil Pullinger, Wine Master and Ian Harrison, Food Master are mixing it up nicely and I’m sure all have enjoyed the year so far.

The cellar list is on the webpage, so take a look at what we have available for the upcoming lunches, feedback appreciated as always.

Life members have been active in the club and have met and forwarded feedback to the president for the committee to review, greatly appreciated by the committee.

Our donations to charity have been excellent, with a donation in excess of two thousand dollars to prostate cancer foundation, thank you to all. Tax receipts have been forwarded to members who requested them and we are grateful to the winemakers who donate to our cause. Would suggest that we request magnums donation to charity from all our winemakers going forward and at our annual charity lunch we have an auction and raffle to raise funds on that day, next year I’m suggesting ZERO 2 HERO to raise funds for youth suicide prevention and education.

Thank you members for supporting your Twist club and your committee looks forward to the rest of the year.

Peter Dohnt

President Twist Club of WA

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