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Pinot Picnic

The return of Pinot Picnic Hi! I’m getting in touch as this event may be of interest to yourself or your wine club members 😊 Pinot Picnic ( is coming back to the WA Southern Forests Friday April 28 – Sunday April 30! The events across Pemberton and Manjimup will welcome wine lovers to a weekend of premium Pinot Noir and local produce and showcase the region’s finest, kicking off on Friday, April 28 at Mountford Wines’ Paddle Around The World With Organic Pinot and closing on Sunday, April 30 with Woodgate Wines’ The Colour Of Pinot. Pinot Picnic hopes to raise awareness of the region’s growing reputation as a premium pinot producer and encourage visitors and tourists to discover the Southern Forests wineries and local producers for themselves.

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