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2020 a different Year!

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

This Friday is our last lunch for the year. The year has been , to say the least, very trying for everyone. It is something we have never before experienced.

Considerable thanks go to our Foodmaster Ray, for managing to find us excellent and new restaurants. It has been very difficult to secure bookings with restaurants closing down or having restrictions due to Covid.

It was unfortunate that we could not find a suitable venue for our annual Ladies Night Dinner but the committee has resolved to have our 2021 Ladies Night in the first half of next year. In lieu of this years Ladies Night, we have arranged a gift of champagne for each member to enjoy with their partners. Members attending the lunch at Meeka this week will be able to receive their bottle at the restaurant. Those members not attending should contact Jeremy, our wine master on 0411 589 992.

Thanks also to our winemaster Jeremy for finding some great and new winemakers providing an interesting selection from different regions.

One issue that has arisen, which l need to raise , is a tendency for discussions to take place while our guest winemakers are talking. I ask all members to show respect for the winemakers while they are presenting their wines.

Once again, Hugh has expertly managed our finances and leaves us with the highest surplus we have had. This provides a good reserve going forward and has enabled us to boost our cellar , which we intend to continue next year.

Thanks as well to our Secretary Ian who has helped considerably in managing events and our website. Finally, thanks to our Vice President Bill for his valuable assistance and to the other committee members for their support for all of our activities. I wish everyone a safe and happy Xmas and a Covid free new year and look forward to great lunches and wine next year. Cheers Phil,


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